Air pollution is now one of the biggest and most serious challenges faced by the world today and it must be solved quickly as possible. The most frequent diseases and disorders are connected with airpollution- mainly with our respiratory system and cardiovascular system.


AirVita`s main short-term vision is to provide you with technology that create and provide you a safe, better and healthier air environment.


Globally countries are adopting more and more laws on pollution reduction. Still, governmental actions cannot guarantee the complete elimination of this problem. The main thing is that we understand the importance of this issue and act for a better environment. We see it as our most important mission to provide you with knowledge about air pollution.


Our long-term vision is to realize a sustainable society where humankind and all living organisms can thrive. It`s important to note that air pollution not only causes harm to the human health, but also to the ecologic condition of the planet provoking the greenhouse effect and the global warming process.


We are constantly in search of developing our products to provide you clean and safe air. We put pride in high customer service and strive to deliver the best support. Let us kindly know if you have any comments or wishes to acquire our products.


As a global company, we are very aware of the social responsibility and great impact we have on our social, environmental and economic circumstances.


We are strongly committed to add value and change our world to a better place. We have focus in three key CSR initiatives:


  •  Environment and climate.


  •  Employees and working environment.


  •  Implementation and development of short and long-term social projects.



AirVita- Lets change the world.


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