AirVita X

270,00  ex. VAT

Unique dual function; for car use and small rooms (20 square meters).
Controlled by hand wave/motion.

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AirVita X is an elegant and smart multipurpose portable air purifier that is hand motion controlled. The intelligent core system analyzes and monitors the indoor air quality 24/7 and adjust automatically to sterilize, disinfect and remove harmful particles by releasing 15 million anions pcs/cm3. AirVita X’s led display will provide you with accurate and dynamic data of indoor humidity, temperature, and indoor pollution.

You can use it in your car, rooms up to 20 square-meters or simply take it with you when you travel.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 13 cm
Power Source


Operation mode

Infrared/Hand Wave

Voltage (V)



Min. operation mode 1.5W
Max. operation mode 5W


Min. operation mode 5db
Max. operation mode 20db

Effective Area capacity


Anion technology

15 milion anions pcs/cm3

Ozon level

0 ppm

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