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The world's smartest air purifier.

Purification rate (CADR) of minimum 750-cubic meters/hour. That means it will approximately take 10 minutes to clean 100-square meters by 100 %.

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AirVita X IQ GOLD is anĀ Intelligent High-Efficient air purifier that provides you and your loved ones with significantly clean air to protect you against poor indoor air. The intelligent core system analyzes and monitors the outdoor and indoor quality 24/7 and adjusts automatically to sterilize, disinfect and remove harmful particles. With help from its user habit memory and an auto-memory, it will actively and constantly measure the pollution and adjust airflow and the ionization process. The unique turbocharged technology is capable of cleaning 100m2 in 12 minutes and changes the air 4-5 times within an hour. With your application, you are able to control all the functions from distance and it provides you with accurate and dynamic data of indoor humidity, temperature, outdoor and indoor pollution level, city/country climate data etc.

AirVita X IQ systems can be delivered custom made and you can choose your unique filter combination to obtain the best result if you have allergy, asthma or other respiratory diseases. As standard, it is delivered with a 6-layer Hepa 13-17 filtration system with a combination of our world recognized anion and UV- C light technology.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 80 cm
Power Source


Voltage (V)

220 V


Min. operation mode 1.5W
Max. operation mode 70W


750 m3/h


Min. operation mode 20db
Max. operation mode 55db

Effective Area capacity

100 m2

Filter purification rate


Filter type

Apollo 360, H13-17

Ozon level

0 ppm